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Personal Travel and Transport

A study of life in the "Third Age" (people aged 50-74, who account for over a quarter of the UK population); part of a wider inquiry for the Carnegie UK Trust, and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The Traffic Generation Game

A response to the trend of increasing motorisation of transport, arguing that the problems of modern transport are strongly associated with excessive use of motor vehicles. It argues for a better relationship between land uses and the transport that serves them.

Traffic reduction in Oxford: A case study of Oxford city and county

A review of land use and transport planning in Oxford, focusing on traffic generation and traffic reduction.

Transport: How Much Can London Take?

An examination of "two Londons". The first is commuter London, highly dependent on rail transport and employment in the city centre. The second is less tied to either the centre or to rail, and is predominantly road-based.

Walking and cycling: What to Promote Where

A consideration of how walking and cycling interact, and how catering for both depends on location and network characteristics.