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"Missing links" - town centre access

Research into the arrival experience in town centres.

Accessibility Standards

Research into the scope and efficacy of minimum standards of accessibility.

Attitudes Towards Car Ownership

A survey of a sample of adults in London to explore attitudes to car ownership.

Central Borders: a plan for expansion

Sub-regional study of the Scottish Central Borders, commissioned by the Scottish Office

Economic Benefits of Good Walking Environments

Quality Streets: Why good walking conditions matter for London's economy

Evaluation of "Pedestrian Quality Needs", EU project COST 358

An independent evaluation of the EU "Pedestrian Quality Needs" project (COST programme)

Land Use and Transport: settlement patterns and the demand for travel

Advice on a project for the Commission for Integrated Transport relating to travel demand

Lecture tour of Australia

Funded by Australian Vice Chancellors Committee, and initiated by Peter Newman of Murdoch University, Western Australia. The tour was for 8 weeks October-December 1996.

Moving Towards Smarter Travel? LTP3 and Smarter Travel Choice Assessment Study

A review of the third round of Local Transport Plans to assess spending on "Smarter Travel Choices". Commissioned by Sustrans and Friends of the Earth.

Objectives-led Transport Appraisal

Devising a method of transport project appraisal based on identified objectives (Government project)

Parking Provision in New Developments

Research commissioned by the Government Department of Environment, Transport & the Regions (DETR) into ways of determining parking provision in new developments. It deals mainly with retail, office, leisure and other non-residential developments.

Parking Standards in South East England

Regional policy study to determine maximum parking standards in the South East region of England. Commissioned by the Government Office for the South East (GOSE)

Pedestrian and Cycle Monitoring Project

Study for Transport for London completed July 2001

Planning Growth to Promote Sustainable Access

Research into forms of growth and development that enable sustainable transport choices. "Corridors" study

Planning in Northern Ireland

Invited views on the future of devolved powers on planning and transport in Northern Ireland

Planning with Public Transport

Production of guidelines for planning land use development in relation to public transport

Potential for shared cars (car clubs)

The potential for shared cars, or car clubs in Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

PPG13 - A Guide to Better Practice. Reducing the need to travel through planning

Reducing the need to travel through planning: production of Guide to Better Practice. A companion guide to PPG13.

Response to Regional Transport Strategy (Northern Ireland)

Consultation response to Regional Transport Strategy (Northern Ireland) on behalf of Carvill Group

Shared car ownership (car club) feasibility

Shared car ownership and "neighbourhood car fleets" (car clubs)

Sustainable Development Plan for Astana

Preparation of an outline Sustainable Development Plan for the Kazakhstan capital, Astana

Techniques for urban traffic reduction

study of techniques for urban traffic reduction, 1992

Traffic calming, urban development and transport policy

France, Germany and Netherlands, studies of traffic calming, urban development and transport policy and procedures, 1987 ? 1996, funded by South Bank University

Traffic reduction policy

Urban development and environment policy concepts for traffic reduction 1996-97

Transport and Development in the Thames Gateway

A strategic study examining the land use, regeneration and transport opportunities and constraints in the Thames Gateway.

Urban concepts and technology: shared cars and car-free housing

Research into shared car systems and car-free housing projects in Germany and the Netherlands.

Value of s106 agreements for walking projects

Research into the value of s106 agreements for walking projects