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"War on the motorist"

How is the war on the motorist going?

"Watershed" / "Pedshed" confusion?

Terminology dicrepency in the use of the term "shed"

10 things I don't like about Virgin Pendolino trains

A list of things wrong with Virgin Pendolino trains

Bollards: design feature or clutter?

The different uses for bollards and their impact on urban spaces and on behaviour.

Changing roads policy in London - 1981

A radical change of roadbuilding policy at the Greater London Council

Demolition of urban freeways

Is there any future for urban freeways / motorways?

Development format and town centre first policy

Town centre first policy, and exceptions for certain development types

Drive to, not through, the town centre

The concept of "drive to, not through", explained

Fitness or purpose?

Is cycling a mode of travel, or a means of keeping fit?

How big are walking catchments?

How robust are planning standards for walking catchments?

Japanese railways

Notes from an international workshop, Tokyo, 2005

Light rail aspirations

Too much focus on light rail, or not enough?

Parking and town centre vitality

The greater the proportion of access by car, the less successful a town centre is likely to be

Preferential routing

Managing routes so that those for public transport, walking and cycling are more direct and convenient than those for cars.

Privatisation consequences for planning

Public transport planning can be undertaken in the public interest, or in the interest of shareholders. These interests do not always coincide.

Ribbon development and urban sprawl

Ribbon development brought to a halt by Planning Acts

Sequential test failings

Developments which pass the sequential test often fail to contribute to the objectives of the test due to poor design.

Speed humps

How good are they?

Three trips a day - is it a constant?

Can three trips per person per day still be regarded as a constant in transport?

Transit Oriented Development

Is Transit Oriented Development compatible with Auto Oriented Development? The answer is "no".

Urban facilities and public policy

Lack of joined-up thinking often leads to adverse consequencies arising from decisions about education, health, shopping and community facilities.

Walking is transport

The place of walking in the array of transport possibilities is rarely understood or even acknowledged.

Why promote cycling in central London?

The policy of encouraging cycling in and to central London should be questioned.