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Traffic Calming Guidelines

Traffic Calming Guidelines resulted from a collaboration between Tim Pharoah and Devon County Council, and was based on the latest research and best practice from northern Europe. It remains a highly relevant and influential document. By including main urban streets with mixed activities, and rural roads, as well as residential areas and city centres, it was well ahead of its time, and these issues did not find their way into official advice until almost 20 years later, for example with "Manual for Streets 2". A presentation on the 20 years after publication by Tim Pharoah to the Urban Design Group can be viewed in full here.

See right sidebar to download the complete document in pdf low resolution format.

For a high resolution version of individual chapters, go to the CIHT website "Standards and Advice" page here.

PublisherDevon County Council, Exeter 1991
ISBN1 85522 077 6
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