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East Croydon traffic calming and public transport priority

East Croydon traffic calming and public transport priority

Tim Pharoah was commissioned by Croydon Council to explore ways of exploiting the environmental potential of the (then) proposed East Croydon tram system. The study focused on the East Croydon and Addiscombe area. It was decided that traffic should be diverted away from the tram corridor to provide priority and reliability. Local access traffic would be permitted, but traffic calming measures would be installed to limit speeds.

The traffic calming measures eventually installed were fairly basic, and did not provide the environmental or aesthetic enhancements envisaged in the study. The tram priority was implemented, however, and through traffic is excluded from the inner part of Addiscombe Road.

Client(s)Croydon Borough Council
Team(s)Tim Pharoah


Traffic calming, tram, public transport priority, East Croydon, Addiscombe, riad safety, traffic speeds, residential traffic calming