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Redhill bus station design

Following from a town centre study of Redhill, which included remodelling the ring road and improving bus access, Reigate and Banstead Borough Council commissioned a study of options for increasing the capacity of the bus station.

Part of the work was to see whether and how an enlarged bus station could be integrated with the remodelled ring road, which involved removing a large roundabout, thus removing a turning facility for buses terminating at Redhill.

A second issue was whether the bus station should be relocated next to the rail station or remain adjacent to the town centre pedestrian precinct.

The other main issue was the design of the bus station itself, and ways of acquiring additional capacity. A "dynamic" model was put forward for consideration, whereby buses are allocated to a stand just before arrival, rather than having each stand dedicated to a particular route(s). The arrangement at Redhill lends itself to this since passengers wait at a central point, where realtime stand information could easily be read by all.

The bus station had had interim improvements made, just prior to this study, including a new waiting room, and so the main purpose of the project was to explore ways of providing additional capacity in the future.

Meanwhile pedestrian access to the bus station is awkward, involving a staggered crossing with guard rails not only across the ring road, but also across the bus exit road which lies between the pedestrian precinct and the bus station.

LocationRedhill England
Client(s)Reigate & Banstead Borough Council
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Alan Baxter Associates LLP


Bus station, public transport, transit, ring road, Redhill, Surrey, design, dynamic bus station

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