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Traffic, Land Use and Parking

This paper, entitled "Traffic, Land Use and Parking" was presented to a seminar at South Bank University on the proposition that less traffic could create more jobs. (February 1999)

It is based on a 1998 discussion paper prepared for Lord Rogers' Urban Task Force.

It summarises conclusions from the author's research into parking standards for the Government (1998-1999). See the link on the right, to that project for more details.

Download the paper to the right, also the Urban Task Force discussion paper >

Paper TitleTraffic, Land Use and Parking
Paper AuthorTim Pharoah
Conference Details Less traffic - more jobs? South Bank University - Local Economic Policy Unity (LEPU 10th February 1999


Traffic reduction, parking provision, economic regeneration, parking standards, lower parking, reduced parking, less parking, LEPU