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"Missing links" - town centre access

Research into the arrival experience in town centres. The part of town centre journeys between points of arrival (station, bus stop, car park) and the final destination are often neglected and are identified in the report as the "missing link".

In 2012 the Government ordered an "external review" of planning practice guidance. The report published in December 2012, by Lord Taylor, recommends that "The guidance is out of date and the issues set out are well understood by planners. There is no clear benefit to retaining this guidance. Can be cancelled."

There are aspects of the document that are out of date, in the sense that it refers to other documents that have been superseded or abandoned, but to suggest that the issues it covers are well understood is unfortunately very wide of the mark. Just travel to your nearest town centre and judge the arrival experience using the criteria set out in the document.

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Client(s)National Retail Planning Forum and Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions (UK Government)
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn Davies