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South Yorkshire Street Design Guide 2001

South Yorkshire Street Design Guide 2001

[The banner image of the remodelled station square in Sheffield is not related to the design guide, except insofar as it clearly demonstrates that high quality design is now important in South Yorkshire]

The residential design guide covered the full range of urban design issues, and a core aim was to encourage developments to step away from the bland and characterless layouts and building types that pervaded South Yorkshire towns in the 1980s and 1990s.

Street design including ways of accommodating all types of traffic in a safe and convivial way was a key part of the guidance. The design guide applied the principles set out in "Traffic Calming Guidelines" (Devon County Council 1991), including relating design and traffic speeds to the position of the street in the hierarchy. Many of the design principles were subsequently developed by the author in Manual for Streets.

Client(s)South Yorkshire Councils
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn-Davies and Alan Baxter Associates


Street Design, design guide, South Yorkshire, residential development, street hierarchy, traffic calming