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Design of new streets in Kings Hill development, Kent

Design of new streets in Kings Hill development, Kent

Tim Pharoah was called in to advise on the design of new streets within the new settlement at Kings Hill, near West Malling, Kent. Internal streets had been classified in a conventional hierarchy (spine road, residential access road, and so on). The aim was to define the desired maximum traffic speed on each class of street, and to set out design parameters to ensure that those limits were achieved in practice.

Consideration was given to streets within the development forming a bus route. The eventual designs, as built, did not exactly follow the recommendations, for example by having more generous dimensions, and including lateral shifts in the carriageway (including roundabouts) rather than vertical shifts (ramped raised sections of carriageway). Even so, the final result is markedly better than the conventional designs being rolled out elsewhere at the time.

Client(s)Rouse Kent
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn-Davies


Kings Hill, street design, road design, traffic calming, speed management, new development, new settlement