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Ealing Broadway Station Area and Interchange

Ealing Broadway Station Area and Interchange

Many proposals have been put forward for the key West London interchange at Ealing Broadway. The question was: which is the best way of improving the interchange and the surrounding area, taking into account technical feasibility and funding? Fourteen options were assessed on a range of criteria, the results being displayed in matrix form. A "traffic light" evaluation was presented to Ealing Council - red for no-go, amber for possible further consideration, and green for go (a feasible option).

The circumstances were shifting even during the short duration of the project. A major redevelopment scheme was pending when work started, but was refused planning permission towards the end of the project. The redevelopment involved linking the local open space (Haven Green) to the main high street, by bridging development and public realm over the main railway line (Great Western mainline from London to the West Country). To pay for this expensive solution, the development was proposed at high density. The height and scale of the buildings proved unacceptable locally, and the scheme was turned down. That more or less ruled out the "over the tracks" set of options.

The other main issue was how to provide for the many bus services in the area, which tended to dominate the Haven Green open space. An off-street bus station had seemed a tempting solution, but proved to be problematic both in terms of cost (over the tracks again), and ease of bus operation.

At the time of writing (July 2011) the long term solution is not clear, but short term and badly needed improvements to the station forecourt looked likely to go ahead.

By the end of the decade (the 10s) it is expected that Crossrail will serve Ealing Broadway, and that a new station will have been built, providing the opportunity for major improvements.

A follow-on study (2010) of interchange options at Ealing Broadway by Steer Davies Gleave can be viewed here.

LocationEaling England
Client(s)London Borough of Ealing
Team(s)Tim Pharoah, Martin Crookston


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