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Encouraging Walking: advice to local authorities

The report had three general recommendations (each with further elaboration). There should be:

  1. A greater focus on and higher priority for the needs of pedestrians, including reallocating road space;
  2. Integrating walking into transport and land use planning;
  3. Improving conditions to make it safe, easier and more convenient to walk.
The report incorporated the "5 Cs" audit criteria for walking quality (in Appendix B), first devised by Tim Pharoah in 1996.

The aspiration had been for a national walking strategy, following considerable voluntary expert input for the Government, and a House of Commons Select Committee report into walking (see link). "Encouraging Walking" was, however, only an advice document, not a strategy. There still (2018) is no national strategy for walking in England.
Book TitleEncouraging Walking
Book AuthorVarious
PublisherDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions London March 2000


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