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London Thames Gateway Integrated Land Use Transport Study (GILTS)

London Thames Gateway Integrated Land Use Transport Study (GILTS)

The lower Thames valley, dubbed the "Thames Gateway" by the Government of the day, contains large areas of former quarries and industrial land that could be put to more productive use. Major sites include Ebbsfleet on the south side, and Barking Riverside on the north side.

An integrated land-use and transport study for the London Thames Gateway was commissioned from Halcrow by Transport for London and the London Development Agency. Key objectives were to get a better understanding of the relationship between transport and economic activity in the area and to determine transport provision changes needed to support housing and employment. The work also produced costed and prioritised transport programmes and identified where transport investment would offer best value to support growth.

Some documents are available to the right, but unfortunately not the complete final report.

Rule of thumb transport capacities used in the study were produced by David Bayliss, and the document is available to the right.

Tim Pharoah was a member of the Halcrow team, along with Robin Hickman and others.

LocationLondon England
Client(s)Transport for London and London Development Agency
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Halcrow


Integrated transport and land use, Thames Gateway, regeneration, sustainable development