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Park Royal Southern Gateway development framework

Park Royal Southern Gateway development framework

The area was industrial and commercial in character, but had recently also seen high density residential development close to North Acton Underground station. There was potential for a more interesting mix of development, and the development framework was aimed at achieving this.

The area is dominated by traffic, however, and a key challenge was to see how to reduce this impact to create a more acceptable environment, and thus attract a wider development mix.

Proposals included restructuring local bus services to provide better interchange with the Underground, and to remove parts of the one-way traffic system to reduce speeds and traffic dominance. While opportunities to do this were identified (see pdfs to right), they involved traffic management changes affecting the A40, a principal radial route in West London. It was judged that further examination of the impacts would be required to determine feasibility. But it boils down to whether radial road capacity and/or speed could be sacrificed for local area improvements.

Client(s)London Borough of Ealing
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Tribal Urban Studio


Transport interchange, public transport planning, traffic management, reducing traffic impact, Park Royal, North Acton