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Planning with Public Transport

Planning with Public Transport

A Guide for Planning with Public Transport in London

London Transport Planning (1998)

Llewelyn-Davies was commissioned by London Transport Planning to undertake a study examining the practical integration of land use planning and public transport issues in London.  The objective of the study was to provide a practical guide for Local Planning Authority officers and developers setting out all the issues that needed to be addressed for public transport to be properly considered in the planning process.

A draft of the guidelines can be downloaded to the right. It is not known if the document was published, or used for London Transport's dealings with the London Boroughs.

The following year, the Institution of Highways and Transportation published its own guidelines: "Planning for Public Transport in Developments", which covered a similar set of issues.

In 2018 Tim Pharoah was lead author of the CIHT guidelines "Buses in Urban Developments" (see link to the right).

LocationLondon England
Client(s)London Transport
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn Davies


Sustainable growth, smart growth, public transport oriented development, transit oriented development, PTOD, TOD, accessibility planning, land use and transport