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"The Evolution of Town Centre Traffic Management"

Discusses the need to resolve conflicts in city centres between the "Three As": Access, Activities, and Amenity.

"The Evolution of Town Centre Traffic Management"

Discusses ways in which cities resolve conflicting town centre requirements, in relation to the "Three As": Access, Activities, and Amenity

Boris Bikes are fuelling central London traffic conflicts

Questions wisdom of encouraging cycling in central London

Breaking the Habit of a Lifestyle: scenarios for less car use"

A discussion of ways in which people have become car dependent, and ways in which they can become less so.

Buses in Urban Developments

One of a series of guidelines published by CIHT in the series "Streets and Transport in the Urban Environment"

Buses in Urban Developments: an overview

Conference to launch CIHT guidelines "Buses in Urban Developments"

Can Cycling Save the Suburbs?

The case for promoting cycling in suburban areas.

Car-Free City Centres

Article arguing the case for car-free city centres, including case studies

Cars: the mode of choice in the growth areas

A commentary on the continuing dominance of the car in the planning of urban growth areas.

City-Region Planning in London: Towards a Sub-Regional Transport Framework

This paper reports on a research study on sub-regional development frameworks in London undertaken by Llewelyn-Davies for Transport for London.

Clearing Away Confused Thinking on Shared Space

Article about shared space solutions which attempts to clarify the arguments for and against..

Continental Traffic Calming Practice

Supplementary note on continental traffic calming practice

Creating Convivial Urban Spaces

Aspects of what makes convivial streets and spaces. Examples of good and bad practice.

Creating public realm for all users

The presentation addresses the design of a new public square in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Creating quality streets: the Manual for Streets

Key points and recommendations from "Manual for Streets", 2007

Development in Public Transport Corridors

Advocates organising development with corridors that can be served efficiently by public transport.

Encouraging Walking: advice to local authorities

Guidance on encouraging walking based on report of the Government's advisory group on walking.

Five tricks for highwaymen

How road planners by-passed the planning system to try to push through an unpopular road widening scheme at Millbank in the 1980s

Focus on traffic calming in West Europe

A review of traffic calming theory and practice in West Europe" in Planning Practice & Research, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1993

Going To Town: Improving town centre access

A companion guide to PPG6 (UK planning guidance on town centre and retail planning). Fully illustrated in colour with practical advice on how to make improvements, together with case studies and auditing methods.

Higher aspirations needed for bus service development

Letter to Transit magazine 7th September 2007

Improving the Safety of Local Streets

Describes opportunities for improving the safety and quality of local streets through small scale design changes rather than regulation.

Integrated Public Transport Corridors

This paper is concerned with the relationship between land use development and accessibility by public transport and non-motorised modes of travel. It reviews concepts and practice and offers conclusions on how future developments can be planned to encourage use of the non-car modes, and discourage use of the car.

Kompakt, mobil, urban

An analysis of development concepts for traffic reduction from an international perspective

Landscape of highways

Essay on the landscaping of highways - Edinburgh School of Art/Heriot Watt University, 1968

Less Traffic, Better Towns

Friends of the Earth's illustrated guide to traffic reduction

Light Rail: is it worth paying for?

Paper to AET conference, 11th September 2000

Localism in transport planning?

A review of sustainable transport choices (STC) measures in a selection of third round Local Transport Plans

Making Tracks: Light Rail in England and France

A review and comparison of light rail policy and practice in England and France

Manual for Streets

National guidance for the design of residential and lightly trafficked streets.

Measuring Pedestrian Flow and "Presence"

"Measuring Pedestrian Flow and Presence" presentation to data workshop, Walk21 International Conference, The Hague, 16-19th November 2010

Missing Links to Town and City Centres

Describes the Government research project into the quality of links between arrival points and town and city centres, published in the report "Going to Town"

Money for Walking: Making the most of s106 agreements

Presentation to Living Streets conference, Guildhall, London, 6th December 2005

Neighbourhood Car Fleets: The key to rational car use

The case for cars based in neighbourhoods for shared access on a pay-as-you-drive basis

Parking Strategies & Management

Guidance all aspects of parking. Commissioned by the Institution of Highways and Transportation.

Pedestrian Safety Measures for Non-Residential Urban Roads. Technical note 5: Study of European Practice

A review of north European practice to improve pedestrian safety on non-residential and mixed-activity urban streets, using traffic calming and re-design rather than regulation. The report was prepared by Tim Pharoah for Halcrow Fox in 1994.

Personal Travel and Transport

A study of life in the "Third Age" (people aged 50-74, who account for over a quarter of the UK population); part of a wider inquiry for the Carnegie UK Trust, and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Personal Travel Planning must focus on all household travel

Letter to Local Transport Today (29th November 2013) arguing that Personal Travel Planning that tackles only car commuting is inadequate to reduce car travel.

Places to Grow

Presentation to Places to Grow conference, November 2008

Planning and Sustainable Access

A summary of (unpublished) Government sponsored research by Tim Pharoah and others relating to the integration of land use and transport

Planning for Buses in Urban Developments

Conference paper for CIHT Dublin, introducing the recently published "Buses in Urban Developments" guidelines authored by Tim Pharoah

Possibilities and Limits of Intermodality

Paper to "City and Mobility (Ville et mobilité) conference, Lille, October 1996

PPG13: A Guide to Better Practice - Reducing the Need to Travel through Land Use and Transport Planning

A better practice guide commissioned jointly by the (then) Department of the Environment and the Department of Transport.

Quality Streets

An investigation of the economic benefits of improving walking conditions

Reducing the Need to Travel: A new planning objective in the UK?

A commentary on the UK policy to reduce the need to travel through land use planning, as formalised in Planning Policy Guidance Note 13, Transport, published in March 1994.

Reducing UK Oil Dependency: The Role of Public Transport

Talk to All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas (APPGOPO)

Reinterpreting Private Open Space

Questions the suitability of historic and contemporary housing forms in terms of open space provision

Review of White Paper "Transport Policy" 1977 and Nuffield Foundation paper "A Policy for Transport" 1977

Review of White Paper "Transport Policy", HMSO 1977, CMND 6836, and Nuffield Foundation "A Policy for Transport", being papers presented to a conference at Nuffield Lodge, 1977.

SOBETMA: Environmental Traffic Management and the South Birmingham Study

PTRC Summer Annual Meeting '93 international conference, entitled: "SBS and SOBETMA, Environmental Traffic Management and the South Birmingham Study", with Ken Huddart and Alan Wenban-Smith, Manchester, 16 September 1993

Speed Management, Road Safety and Traffic Calming: Contradictions in the Policy Framework

Conference paper to the International "Living and Moving in Cities" congress, Paris 1990

Streets for Life, or Death

Stuttgart - Technology and street safety

Streets Past and Future

in Urban Design Journal, Winter 2008

The Motor Car: Idol or Idle? A survey of redundancy in domestic car fleets

Article in Traffic Engineering & Control on the case for shared cars

The Revised PPG13

Commentary on the revised version of PPG13, 1999

The Role of Traffic Calming

Article based on a talk to the Transport Economists Group

The Traffic Generation Game

A response to the trend of increasing motorisation of transport, arguing that the problems of modern transport are strongly associated with excessive use of motor vehicles. It argues for a better relationship between land uses and the transport that serves them.

Time for Universal Traffic Calming

This paper argues for lower speeds as a way of saving casualties and gaining street space for pedestrians and amenity.

Towards Sustainable Transport Policies

Traffic reduction, economic performance and land use issues and potential, with discussion notes.

Traffic and Environmental Management

Sets out the need for traffic reduction to create better urban environments

Traffic Calming Guidelines

A guide to the theory and practice of traffic calming, in full colour with many illustrations, and 33 case studies from England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Traffic Calming Policy and Performance in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany

A review of traffic calming policy and performance in three countries: The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany

Traffic Calming: a pictorial overview

A set of 40 images with accompanying notes

Traffic Calming: An East London Case Study

Traffic Calming and the East London Assessment Study (ELAS), PTRC Conference Paper, 1990

Traffic Calming: Policy and Evaluations in Three European Countries

Research into policy and practice of traffic calming in Denmark, the Netherlands and West Germany, including study visits sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation

Traffic decline on M6 toll road to be welcomed

Argues that private financing for road capacity should be avoided if it incentivises traffic growth

Traffic in Towns: 50 years of hard lessons 1963-2013

The impact of the Buchanan Report (Traffic in Towns) on transport planning and urban structure, including the building of high capacity urban roads and traffic segregation, and examples of where these destructive projects have been demolished or reduced in scale.

Traffic reduction in Oxford: A case study of Oxford city and county

A review of land use and transport planning in Oxford, focusing on traffic generation and traffic reduction.

Transport Concepts in European Cities

The book is based on research into cities in Europe that have pursued policies of traffic limitation. It presents transport data for ciites of different sizes, and examines in more detail 10 cities from 6 countries.

Transport in Westminster

A "topic paper" report for the City of Westminster Development Plan (Topic Paper 3: Transport)

Transport Organisation in a Great City: the Case of London

Product of a two-year research project at the Greater London Group, London School of Economics, examining the suitability of government arrangements for planning and operating transport in the Capital.

Transport: How Much Can London Take?

An examination of "two Londons". The first is commuter London, highly dependent on rail transport and employment in the city centre. The second is less tied to either the centre or to rail, and is predominantly road-based.

Twenty Years of Traffic Calming Guidelines

A presentation to mark the 20th anniversary of "Traffic Calming Guidelines, at Urban Design Group, London

Urban design versus traffic regulations

Describes tensions between traditional traffic practice and the creation of high quality streets, and argues for better understanding between the professions.

Victoria station

Report on behalf of Westminster City Council

Walking and cycling: What to Promote Where

A consideration of how walking and cycling interact, and how catering for both depends on location and network characteristics.

Walking Around the World

An overview of attitudes to walking in different parts of the world

Where Can We Walk To?

A paper examining urban structure and walkability

Whole Journey Planning - is Walking the Forgotten Part?

Presentation to Walk21 International Conference, The Hague, 16-19th November 2010

Why traffic management in town centres?

Using traffic management to resolve conflict between access, activities and amenity