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Transport Concepts in European Cities

"No city or town has managed to absorb the car without adverse consequences." Transport development has been characterised by two schools of thought. The first is that towns and cities must be adapted to accommodate the car. The second is that, instead, the car must be limited, whether by direct restraints on use, or by encouraging alternative means of access (sticks and carrots), or by some mixture of these. This book explores the policies and outcomes in cities that have chosen the traffic limitation approach. Since the data were collected in the 1980s and early 1990s, it provides an insight into the "early adopters" of this approach. Other cities have since been developing similar policies, and can learn from the lessons presented in the concluding chapters.

Book AuthorTim Pharoah and Dieter Apel
PublisherAvebury, Aldershot 1995
ISBN1 85972 094 3


Transport, transport concepts, urban transport, European cities, traffic reduction, sustainable transport, city comparison

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