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Making Tracks: Light Rail in England and France

The research found that light rail projects in France are closely linked to the city, in terms of politics and politicians, environmental matters and urban planning. This has helped light rail schemes to be built with public funds in a short time.

In England the connection with the city is less marked, funding mechanisms are mixed and uncertain, and projects are less the commitment of a Mayor or single politician. Implementation has usually taken very much longer than in France, and in some cases failed altogether.

The tram networks themselves also differ in the purpose and character. Systems in France are mostly within and serve the city districts. The English systems reach beyond the main built up areas, and are often based on a conversion of former rail lines, rather than operating on-street.

Report TitleMaking Tracks: Light Rail in England and France
Author(s)Tim Pharoah and Bertil HylÚn
ClientSwedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
ISBNReport VTI meddelande 926A/2002


Light rail, tram, public transport, transit