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Reducing the Need to Travel: A new planning objective in the UK?

The article explored the background to the policy of reducing the need to travel through planning. It deals with historical and contemporary debates about transport, planning and the environment, and discusses the prospects of a shift away from the ideology of non-intervention that had prevailed in the 1980s.

The conclusion is that successful implementation will require wider policy aims, re-regulation of public transport, and better strategic and regional planning.

By 2011 these issues had turned full circle, with 15 years of emphasis on the environmental impacts of travel again being put at risk by an apparent loosening of policies that had helped to limit the growth of private motorised  travel.

Article TitleReducing the Need to travel: A new planning objective in the UK?
Article AuthorTim Pharoah
JournalLand Use Policy 1996
IssueVol 13, No. 1, pp 23-36


Reducing the need to travel, traffic avoidance, land use planning, land use policy, policy guidance, PPG13