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Traffic Calming: Policy and Evaluations in Three European Countries


The report describes the purpose and practice of traffic calming in Denmark, the Netherlands and West Germany, concentrating in particular on the policy context, finance, implementation and evaluation aspects .. It concludes that traffic calming is widespread, popular, and effective in reducing the harmful effects of road traffic on urban communities. Furthermore, the safety and environmental improvements associated with traffic calming are seen to be part of wider transport and urban planning policies, including the regeneration of run-down inner city areas, housing renewal and the conservation of historic centres.

Book TitleTraffic Calming: Policy and evaluations in Three European Countries
Book AuthorTim Pharoah and John Russell
PublisherSouth Bank Polytechnic London 1989
ISBN0 946147 01 9


Traffic calming, road safty, environmental improvement, shared space, regeneration, urban quality, street design, public realm, casualty reduction