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Transport: How Much Can London Take?

The chapter is one of 13 covering all major aspects of London's economic, social and physical geography.

It highlights the pressures that the car has brought on a mostly pre-car city structure. It concludes that whilst the future of the city centre with its heavy public transport dominance is assured, the future of the suburbs in uncertain, especially how far the quality and equality of life will be sacrificed to demands for more access by car. 

Contents (section headings)

  1. London: a tale of two cities
  2. The impact of motorisation
  3. The captive rail commuterThe death of the bus?
  4. Motorisation of the suburbs
  5. Conclusion
Chapter TitleTransport: How Much Can London Take?
Chapter AuthorTim Pharoah
Book TitleLondon: A New Metropolitan Geography
Book AuthorKeith Hoggart and David R Green
PublisherEdward Arnold 1991
ISBN0 340 49319 4


London, geography, central London, commuter, car-based, suburbs, car

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