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A framework for Southall, LB Ealing

A framework for Southall, LB Ealing

This was a high level study of redevelopment and improvement potential, including better transport and connectivity in the Southall area. A draft of the report to LB Ealing is available to the right. Also available is a map of the basic framework, and of the basic transport ideas. The study was conducted in 2007, but little progress appears to have been made. The financial crash of 2008 was a major hindrance. There remains a huge potential at Southall for housing and employment development, making use of relatively good public transport accessibility.

LocationLondon UK
Client(s)LB Ealing
Team(s)Llewelyn Davies Yeang, Tim Pharoah was leading on transport aspects


regeneration, transport connectivity, town centre, station area, major sites, Southall gasworks