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London motorways fight

Tim Pharoah joined the campaign against the building of a network of motorways in London immediately after moving to London from Edinburgh in January 1970. The inspiration came from J. Michael Thomson's book "Motorways in London" published the year before; the invitation came from Michael Thomson himself. 

London Amenity & Transport Association (LATA)

Tim Pharoah was secretary of LATA from 1970 to 1977. The organisation represented about 60 civic and amenity societies throughout London, and provided a robust case against the London motorway plan, culminating in evidence to the Greater London Plan Inquiry in 1973. For this purpose, LATA joined with the London Motorway Action Group, which was a more politically-based organisation led by The Right Hon Douglas Jay, MP.

To the right are pdf files of a response to the Inquiry report, and a review of the Inquiry at the half-way point, prepared for LATA. Also, obituaries for Michael Thomson and Stephen Plowden provide further views on the anti-Ringways campaign.

More in preparation...

LocationLondon UK
Team(s)Tim Pharoah worked with Michael Thomson, Stephen Plowden and others