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Car-Free City Centres


In a "car-free" city centre car traffic is limited by an area-wide ban to its functionally necessary share. This usually includes delivery and service vehicles and residents? cars. The lockout of unnecessary car traffic must not be an isolated measure, but part of a ?push-and-pull? approach. The most important supporting measure concerns the provision of attractive public transport services. Case studies from Bologna (Italy), Lubeck, Aachen, Nuremburg (Germany), and York (UK) are reported.

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Article TitleCar Free City Centres
Article AuthorTim Pharoah and Hartmut Topp
JournalTransportation August 1994
IssueVol 21, No.3 pages 231-247


Car free, car-free, city centres, traffic reduction, push and pull, pedestrian zone, retail trade, car ban, traffic ban, autofreie, traffico limitato