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Walking Around the World

A presentation to the Walk21 conference in Mexico City, 2012, which gives an overview of attitudes to walking in different parts of the world. Prior to the conference a survey was undertaken of professionals on the different continents. This revealed a widespread lack of understanding of just how important an asset walking is, and an associated absence of data other than that related to road casualties. The walking asset is being destroyed in developing parts of the world in the rush to motorisation. The presentation provides illustrations of these points, and suggests ways in which the profile of walking can be raised within city and national governments. A pdf version of the presentation can be downloaded using the link to the right.

Paper TitleWalking Around the World
Paper AuthorTim Pharoah
Conference Details International Sustainable Transport Congress (VIII), Walk21 Mexico City October 1st - 4th 2012


Walking, pedestrians, pedestrian planning, walking strategy, road safety, sustainable transport, non motorised travel, non motorized travel, Mexico, Walk21

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