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Demolition of urban freeways

High speed and high capacity roads are anti-urban. Demolition of urban freeways / motorways is becoming ever more popular.

In the frenzy of motorway building during the 1960s into the 1970s, many cities carved swathes through their inner and most sensitive parts in a vain (in both senses) attempt to satisfy motor-lust.

Grenoble, Seoul, San Francisco, Chatham, Nottingham, Birmingham,

1. Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, WA
2. Sheridan Expressway, Bronx, NY
3. Claiborne Expressway, New Orleans, LA
4. Interstate 70, St. Louis, MO
5. Interstate 64, Louisville, KY
6. The Skyway and Route 5, Buffalo, NY
7. Aetna Viaduct-Interstate 81, Hartford, CT
8. Oak Street Connector-Route 34, New Haven, CT
9. Bonaventure Expressway, Montreal, QC
10. Interstate 81, Syracuse, NY
11. Route 29, Trenton, NJ
12. Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, ON


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Some freeway removals in the USA

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