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Traffic Calming: An East London Case Study

Traffic calming and lower driving speeds can reduce congestion, as defined by time spent in traffic queues. This paper describes the work undertaken as part of the Government-commissioned study of traffic options in east London in the late 1980s. Two case studies are highlighted, one residential area affected by through traffic, and a main urban mixed-use street. To read more, see the pdf link to the conference paper.

Paper TitleTraffic Calming: An East London Case Study
Paper AuthorTim Pharoah
Conference Details New Approaches to Pedestrianisation and Traffic Calming Imperial College, London March 6th 1990


Traffic Calming, East London Assessment Study, ELAS, traffic management, speed management, congestion, traffic reduction, traffic displacement, 20 mph, case study, Victoria Park Road, Upper Street, Islington