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Economic Benefits of Good Walking Environments

The study was commissioned by the Central London Partnership and Transport for London to assess the benefits to the local economy of investment in better streets and spaces.


  1. Attractive retail and business environments are necessary to help central London compete with centres elsewhere;
  2. Landowners, developers and businesses clearly perceive the importance of streetscape in maintaining and enhancing the value of their assets;
  3. Streetscape is an inherent part of a tenant's decision to locate in an areas, and of the tenant's economic success;
  4. A failure to improve the quality of the public realm may lead to businesses reconsidering their investment;
  5. Adequate levels of maintenance funding are as critical as the quality of the initial design;
  6. Businesses are often willing to invest significant sums in improvements, especially where they have control over, or confidence in, the delivery mechanisms.


  1. There should be a coordinated approach to ensure adequate funding is available for streetscape improvements;
  2. A partnership approach shoudl be used to bring together private and public interests;
  3. The high quality design that is evident in private spaces should be replicated in public spaces;
  4. Best practice examples should be publicised and shared - specific mention is made of Montpellier (France) and Copenhagen

The report to Central London Partnership can be downloaded here (see links to the right) in two parts, also a presentation based on the report.

LocationLondon England
Client(s)Central London Partnership
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn Davies


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