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West Thurrock and Lakeside development strategy

What future for car-based developments?

Out of town regional shopping facilities are a product of an era, or a planning philosophy that was unconcerned about the sustainability of urban transport. Given that many now exist, the question that must be asked is whether they should be limited or even downgraded, to shift attention back to traditional town centres, or whether to "thicken" them up so that they can become new foci of public transport and support sustainable modes of access to them. This project tended towards the latter approach.

Lakeside is a "regional shopping" facility on the eastern fringe of Greater London. It is a car-based facility with a large amount of parking, and a relatively small share of trips being by bus or other alternatives.

The project explored the potential for turning Lakeside into a more diverse and accessible centre that would be capable of supporting viable public transport access. Ways of integrating the centre with surrounding areas, and creating leisure opportunities with a link to the River Thames were also looked at. The masterplan produced by Llewelyn Davies Yeang was eventually incorporated into a masterplan by other consultants (see pdf to right. The high-res version seems to have disappeared from the Thurrock Council website.)  

Client(s)Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation
Team(s)Tim Pharoah with Llewelyn Davies Yeang


Out of town retail, regional shopping centre, retail park, accessibility planning, public transport planning, car dependence, reducing car dependence, parking, regeneration, land use planning