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Boris Bikes are fuelling central London traffic conflicts

The letter can be viewed here (see pdf)

Following publication in Local Transport Today, the Transport Planning Society organised a debate on the subject. This was held on 25th January 2012 and included presentations by Carl Pittam (Sustrans), Mark Frost (L. B. Hounslow) and Lilli Matson (TfL) as well as Tim Pharoah.

There appeared to be a consensus amongst those present that the potential for cycling to reduce car travel lay in outer London, and that in future priority should be given to promoting cycling in outer London.

Tim Pharoah's doubts about the wisdom of promoting cycling in Central London (see letter to LTT) were not directly challenged, but he acknowledged the potential value of the cycle hire scheme in raising the profile of cycling generally, and in encouraging people to cycle who had not previously done so.


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