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Manual for Streets

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One of the key strengths of Manual for Streets is that it was produced and endorsed jointly by the Department for Communities and Local Government (which is responsible for land use planning) and the Department for Transport. 

For a Youtube video interview with Tim Pharoah talking about the Manual for Streets, click here and follow the link. The interview starts about 18 minutes into the video.

However, the Government in 2012 commissioned a review of all planning guidance and the resulting report by Lord Taylor fails to recognise the value of an integrated approach to street design. His report says "Some good advice, but not needed in this format. Keep for now, but review what is planning advice, and what is outside planning and can be provided elsewhere." (External Review of Government Planning Practice Guidance, DCLC, December 2012)

PublisherThomas Telford, London 2007
ISBN978 0 7277 3501 0
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