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Localism in transport planning?

Explores not only the extent of funding for Smarter Travel Choices measures (such as Travel Planning), but also the impact of changes to the local transport planning system.

It concludes that funding for smarter choices measures is inadequate to make any significant contribution to the required reduction in carbon emissions, and argues that greater freedom for local transport authorities has undermined the usefulness of local transport plans. The lack of any mechanism to monitor, measure or compare the carbon reduction contribution of local transport measures makes it difficult or impossible to know whether or not the national target reduction is being achieved.

Article TitleLocalism in Transport Planning?
Article AuthorTim Pharoah and Robin Hickman with Jason Torrance and Richard Dyer
Journal TCPA Journal July/August 2011


Local transport planning, local transport plans, LTP3, Smarter Travel Choices, Travel Plan, sustainable transport

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