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Whole Journey Planning - is Walking the Forgotten Part?


This paper examines the case for investment in walking as a means of encouraging the use of public transport.

Without walking, buses, trams and trains would have no passengers. Without walking, journeys involving motorised travel could not be made. This paper takes a look at the requirements for ?seamless? quality when journeys involve more than one mode, and illustrates this with examples from practice. It argues that the walking component is too often neglected, and that poor quality access on foot to public transport stops and stations is a key barrier mode shift away from the car. It warns of the dangers of reliance on ?main mode? data on mode split, which draws attention away from the importance of walking as part of travel by public transport.

It is suggested that improved walking access to stops and stations could be more effective in increasing public transport use than investing in the public transport system itself. Such investment could include improved lighting and overlooking of paths to bus stops, provision of more direct and better quality paths, and better signing and information to make interchange more legible. The route to the stop is also often a neglected aspect of land use planning and building design, for example with building entrances facing car parks rather than streets with bus stops. Priority for public transport is not just about bus lanes, but about urban design that makes stops and station easily accessible on foot from the places where people want to go.

By reviewing examples of best practice guidelines and examples from projects undertaken by the author, the paper concludes that fragmented responsibilities are often the cause of poor quality pedestrian access between transport modes. In many parts of the UK, for example, responsibility for roads, land use planning and public transport are split between at least three agencies. International examples of good as well as poor practice are included.

Paper TitleWhole Journey Planning - is Walking the Forgotten Part?
Paper AuthorTim Pharoah
Conference Details Walk21 International Conference, The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands 16-19th November 2010


Walking, pedestrian planning, public transport, integrated transport, seamless travel,

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